The Casco Bay Assyriological Institute

27 Soule Road
Chebeague Island
Maine, 04017

The Casco Bay Assyriological Institute was organized in 1997 to advance knowledge of the history, culture,and languages of the ancient Near East by:

  1. Holding occasional conferences that allow distinguished scholars in these fields to exchange information and ideas, and disseminating the results of such exchanges to the interested general public in the form of publications in recognized scholarly presses.
  2. Holding occasional public lectures, panel discussions, or other public presentations.
  3. Cooperating with educational institutions and other research organizations.
The Director of the Institute is Dr. Barbara Nevling Porter, a social historian specializing in the Neo-Assyrian period, who is particularly interested in the relationship between texts and their intended audiences. She is the author of many articles in journals and of Images, Power, and Politics: Figurative Aspects of Esarhaddon's Babylonian Policy (Philadelphia, 1993).  Click  for Dr. Porter's Curriculum Vitae.

First published August, 2000.
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